left_quotation_mark.jpgSince May of this year I have been seeing Dr. Masud to try and improve my overall health. In only 4 months, I am now off both of my high blood pressure medications, reflux, cholesterol, and diabetes medications. In addition to adjustments and rehab, I have followed Dr. Masud's recommendations by changing my diet, detoxing my body, and educating myself through his monthly seminars. Right_quotation_mark.jpg

~Juana Aguirre

I've noticed a feeling of calmness which is unusual for me. The meal plan is easy to follow. I feel better and more confident in the choices I'm making nutritionally. 


I've only been coming to Dr. Masud for 2 weeks, and I'm almost pain free. The stiffness in my hips is almost gone and I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years. I also have far more energy. Instead of feeling tired when I get home from work I feel energized.

~S. Connor

Your dedication and compassion for what you do is amazing!! You truly are a Maximized Living doctor with a heartfelt message for every human being, and I thank you.

~Laura Segretto

Before I started the program I had just had a physical in September 2007. As part of that physical I had a PSA test done. PSA is an indicator for the potential of prostate cancer. The specification is 4; my test result was high at 8.9. After only thirty days of your wellness program, and 3 months after my physical, I had  I had another PSA test performed. The result was 6.4. It appears that the 2.5 point decrease is the result of frequent adjustments and your prescribed exercises.

~Jim Morgan

Thank you for making me feel younger and for having more energy again!


Before having Dr. Masud I was struggling to work a part time job, was overweight, and on 3 medications, with no pain relief.

When I started with Dr. Masud I was in extreme pain. After a couple months I was out of the pain and my rheumatoloist gradually took me off all the medicine. When Dr. Masud saw I was out of pain, he encouraged me to eat healthy and exercise- and I have lost 30 pounds.

Today, I'm working a full time job and enjoy going to the gym 4 to 5 days a week. I'm so fortunate to have a doctor whose goal is to educate and improve people's lives to the best of his ability. I can't count how many times I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Masud. Thanks, Doc; I can't imagine where I'd be without you!

~Cindy Beneventi

We value our patients' experience at Lighthouse Medical Group. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please tell us your story so that together, we can inspire others. Please send us a picture of yourself before and after as well!

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